About Me

About Over Easy Homestead

Hello, I’m Elizabeth! Welcome to Over-Easy Homestead, where it’s all just a little bit runny. This is a place where I share my go-to baking recipes, homemaking projects, and life in our tiny but full home.


My husband, Chad and I, live in the small town of Greenback, TN on the outskirts of another small town. We like slow small town living around here. I’ve lived in the same 20 mile radius for over 20 years. While the Texan will never die in my heart, I guess I could say I am a Tennessean now. I have a passion for living life more simply and intentionally in order to prioritize our love, life, and family for the Lord.

About Me

I’m a homeschooling, homemaking, craft loving mom of four. Never would I have dreamed I’d be where I am today, and loving it. Wonderful how God absolutely has the best plans we could never have designed ourselves.

While I love any kind of food, baking is my passion. I love to bake foods that leave my family and friends feeling full, happy, and treated well. I recently discovered a new appreciation for baking with sourdough. I’m excited to share my journey with you as I try new recipes and torture my children with endless amounts of baked goods.

I also find joy in a variety of homemaking activities. Sewing, crafting, and gardening are a few of my favorites. While we’ve been in our house for almost two years, I’m finally starting to put my touch on everything. I can’t wait to share with you what is happening around here and all the new things we are striving to learn together.

While I don’t do everything perfectly or even have tons of experience, I do hope you tag-a-long. Join us walking through this over easy, runny and messy life as we find joy in the simple and beautiful things that surround us.


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